Sunday, March 28, 2010

Potluck and Oggi's

I'm sure you are aware by now that Easter is upon us. My daughter and I were at church this morning and we were listening to the story about Judas and why he might have betrayed Jesus. It was a good sermon and Alison must have thought so too because she let out several loud "OOOOOOOs". Causing the people around me to giggle, my face to turn a pretty shade of pink, and causing Alison to smile in delight at the sound of her own voice.

 I guess I should start thinking about taking her into the baby room so I (and those around me) can listen to the sermon in peace but I don't know... what if she gets hungry? Also I don't really know the ladies in the baby room very well... and... I love my Alison and don't want to drop her off on someone else. I guess it's all a part of your baby growing up.

Here is a picture of Alison's Easter basket. I really wanted to get one big enough so I could put her inside it and take her picture but those were a bit more expensive, this one was $8 at Michaels (40% off) and I added the flowers and the bow from left over diaper cake decorations.

I know she won't be hunting eggs but...its just not an easter basket without them!

After church I drove home to pick up my bowl of wild rice for the pot luck at one of my church friend's home. Ali was sleeping in the car so it was one of those quick rush-in rush-out jobs. By the way apparently wild rice is not that great of a pot luck side dish... I think two people had some, one being me. I love wild rice I thought most people did...guess not. Most people seem to stop by and pick something up like KFC or a fruit tray on the way over since its right after church. I got up early this morning and made rice so it would be relatively fresh. I think next time I might buy something too (we have potluck about once every month or two). Chris wasn't able to come with us; he was getting ready for a trip. Alison wants to go with daddy on his trip!

Alison did not have as much fun at the potluck, she was still tired and the 30 minutes of sleep she got in the car was obviously not enough. Everyone wanted to hold her and she didn't want to be held by anyone but mommy. We ended up staying for about an hour most of which I was upstairs alone with Ali feeding her. 
Alison and I were both pretty tired when we got home. We took a 3 hour nap and then woke up to get dressed for an outing to Oggi's Pizza. If you've never had Oggi's you're missing out, its really great. It is a pizza place but they have the best salads! 

We walked to Oggi's, (Ali rode in her stroller) I really love it when we walk to places. It gives you the chance to notice how beautiful things are. We saw a few humming birds, something we wouldn't have noticed if we would have taken the car. We were meeting up with one of Chris' friends and his friend's girlfriend. Chris' friend is now living in Texas so it was nice to catch up and for them to meet Alison.

Here is a not so great picture of me and Ali at Oggi's (the hubs doesn't like taking pictures, he has a get it over with philosophy which really clashes with my take at least two pictures in case one doesn't turn out. You could say we drive each other a little nuts when it comes to picture taking. I love it, Chris not so much. Bummer for me though becuase I don't have very many nice pictures of me and Alison and Chris has a bunch, oh well...)

No plans tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get to those library books! I only have a few more days left before we have to return them!

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  1. I love the picture of Alison ready to go with her daddy. I laughed out loud, which I don't do very often. You just popped that one in there so fast I wasn't expecting it.

    You called a while ago. I will now call you back.