Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Shower

Alison and I attended another baby shower today! It really is raining babies! Here is Alison with one of our good friends who attended the shower also:
Today was such a beautiful day. The shower was held at Mommy-to-be's sister's house. We spent most of the time outside in the back yard. Alison was asleep for the first thirty minutes but when she woke up she charmed the pants off everyone with her smiles and coos. I was soo happy she was being such a little cupcake! 

Speaking of cake, the diaper cake was a success! Nothing fell off and the ribbons stayed tied! My husband Chris carried it in for me so I wouldn't have to juggle the cake, the baby and a diaper bag or have to make a second trip out to the car. What a sweetheart he followed me to the shower so he could help me and to also give his congratulations to the mom-to-be. Mom-to-be's husband is on deployment, thankfully most of her family lives really close. I couldn't imagine doing the whole pregnancy thing by yourself, not saying that I couldn't do it but I certainly wouldn't want to.  

The other women at the shower asked her to hold the diaper cake up so they could all see it and some even took pictures of it. (I know pride is a sin so I'm going to say that I felt satisfaction at a job well done and at having given a gift that was well recieved.) Anyways, here is a picture:


  1. That is a beautiful cake, and pride in ones accomplishments is not a sin unless that pride causes someone else to feel bad. Pride, Proud, and wanting to use my talents to make others feel good is a great thing. Besides she will be able to slice that cake soon and each slice will be used.