Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

This past Sunday my husband organized a 'daddy daycare' so myself and 2 of my other mommy friends could go see a movie (what a great guy huh?) The dads got together at one house to watch the kids and we (the mommies) went to go see Alice in Wonderland! I loved the visual aspects of the movie. I am a big Tim Burton fan, if I could have a house designed by anyone I would want one designed by him. It might be a little creepy but I bet it would be oodles of fun.

Anyways the movie: I liked it! I knew from reading reviews that it wasn’t going to be the classic Alice in Wonderland story. I think this made the movie going experience more exciting, not knowing what to expect.

I think the movie came together quite well. I was surprised to see that it was a darker, defeated Wonderland because all the movie posters seem to be so bright and vibrant. Alice was not a child in this movie but she came in as the reluctant hero, stepping in to defeat the monster dragon-esk jabberwocky. I don’t doubt that I will see this movie again (not in theaters of course I think our little jabberwocky gave the hubs a run for his money!) but it’s going to go on our Netflix queue!


  1. I think Daddy DayCare if a really good thing. I wish we had Daddy DayCare when you were growing up. I just stayed home with you but not very often. Mom didn't want to go somewhere alone. BoomPa

  2. I have a hard time finding a place to post my reply and i have to do it anonymously. Anyway, I fed your fish while you were gone. BoomPa again