Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Toy Maker

I just happened across The Toy Maker and was blown away! It's a web site where you can print out these beautiful paper toys templates. You just cut them out and put them together!

The creator/artist is Marilyn Scott-Waters. I bet if we were to look inside her head it would be a kind of Wonderland in there, so creative! She also offers a Toy Maker book on Amazon and has illustrated a book, The Search for Vile Things, that I've already added to my Amazon wish list!

My favorite paper toy is the Tooth Fairy Gazebo!!

I think it would be way more fun putting your tooth in this cute little gazebo then shoving it under your pillow; and who knows what you might find in the gazebo the next morning?! Oh of course just so the tooth fairy knows it's meant for her there is also a sign you can print out as well:

All the paper toys are free to print out. This website makes me excited for when Alison is old enough to want to do arts and crafts projects! Bless creative people like Marilyn for sharing their talent with us 'wish-we-were-that-creative' types!

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