Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 Cats for my Baby

OK I couldn't wait to post the kittens onsie I'm working on! I thought it might be good to show what the iron on pattern looks like (remember the iron on pattern, this one from Aunt Marthas, washes off when you're finished). I am going to try and finish it tonight. I showed my husband and he asked me if I was going to decorate all of Ali's onsies, made me feel a little proud of myself especially considering this is the first time I've ever embroidered anything. Oh by the way I bought the iron on for less than $3 (it came in a days of the week set with big iron ons, this one is actually the test pattern) at Joannes.

Ok, as promised here is the onsie finished and on the baby! (March 17, 2010) I think I might have made the girlie cat a little darker, the white of the onsie kind of fades her out. Oh well, there is always next time!

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  1. I love your blog. I finally got to see it by dragging mom's computer away from her while she was watching videos of Alison. The movie star. BoomPA