Monday, March 22, 2010

Trying to be Responsible

So, being responsible I filled out the census and set it on the coffee table (to be later taken to the mail box). Unfortunatly last night I spilled a glass of scotch on the darn thing.

How you might ask? Let me start at the begining, I was feeding Alison and putting her to bed and my husband was downstairs playing his rented God of War video game (I know I'm married to a nerd but he's married to someone who acts like an old lady) Anyways he had poured himself a little glass of scotch and had set in on our coffee table which is really this cubbie table with 4 removable trays on top (normally pretty handy) Of course I didn't see him pour a glass so I didn't know it was there.

So the little scotch glass is barely peaking up over the lip of one of the coffee table trays and also on that tray is a candy jar with yes, you guessed it, chocolate. I reached across to grasp one of these coveted little chocolates and knocked the glass over spilling it all over our census. Really? Is my luck that bad? yes, it is.

In case your wondering I'm not going to send it in. I can just imagine if we did:

Census Guy- "Whoah! This must have come from some bachlor pad! It reeks of booze!"
The guy in my head is smiling with delight as he remembers his booze filled college years.
He opens our form and his smile slowly drops as he reads on. Phrases like "poor baby" and "child services" flit through his mind, a tear slowly forms in his eye as he remembers his father's drinking problem and how it broke his family apart....

Maybe I can find a non-booze soaked form at the library... I think I remmeber seeing them there when we went on Friday. If not, Ali will just have to wait till she's ten to be counted. Stupid short glass!


  1. I am sending this anonyously because you might know who I am if I signed my name. When you were young, I was afraid to drink because if you had to be taken to the hospital people would smell the father and think he was a drunk and that is why the child was hurt. When your mother was gone, your father never toucdhed a drop just for that reason. Funny to me you are thinking along the same line with not wanting to send in the census.

    Anonymous BoomPa

  2. I know! I can hardly have a glass of wine anymore because I worry about that! lol looks like the nut doesn't fall far from the tree :)