Saturday, March 20, 2010

Party Girl

We had so much fun at Katelyn's Birthday party! Everyone was really nice and there were so many little girls running around in fairy wings it was like a backyard butterfly garden. It made me really glad that I had made Alison an outfit (although we did take the tutu off after she spit up on it a couple times).  Here is Ali and daddy:

My friend's wife, our wonderful hostess, really outdid herself. She had made wings and magic fairy wands for all the little girls (including Alison!) she had also hung colorful paper lanterns all over the backyard, hung paper garland over the eave of the house and of course had balloons scattered thought.

They rented a tinker bell bouncy house that was a big hit with all the little kids, Alison was quite fascinated with it, and had tables set up for the adults to sit, watch and enjoy. She made a cupcake-cake using homemade frosting that was some of the best frosting I've ever had (I might have to get her to give me the recipe!). It was easily the nicest 2-year-old birthday party I've ever attended. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Here is Alison at home posing for mommy in her fairy outfit:

Here is a view from the rear!


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  1. Alison is a pretty Fairy. Wish BoomPa could hold the little Fairy. She is holding her head up high and looks like she is having good time. Don't forget, "Take Your Fairy to Work Day". I am really looking forward to that.