Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day 2010

Having a baby changes a lot! Last year (while I was pregnant) we went to an Irish pub in Carlsbad. O’Sullivan’s, where we waited in line forever to get in (there is a reason the place is awesome for St. P’s Day). There were musicians, river dancers and of course really great Irish food (I still remember the corned beef and cabbage…we are going to have to go back there it was soo good!).

This year with our 3 month old daughter Alison I couldn’t imagine standing in line to go into a pub where it’s 1) packed 2) full of drunk people and 3) loud with revelry and music. My daughter would have not enjoyed herself one little bit and that means mommy and daddy wouldn’t enjoy themselves either.

So for this Alison’s first St. Patrick’s Day we went to another one of our favorite dinner spots Hon Sushi in Oceanside. Instead of drinking green beer and eating Irish fare we had green tea and raw fish. I am happy to report that Alison did pretty great. I was a little worried because we were meeting up with my husband’s work friends at 6:30 and normally Alison is in bed by then. So she was up way past her bedtime, even considering daylight savings, and managed to only have one fit of unhappiness which required a trip out to the trusty hatch-back where I fed and diapered her and we (the hubs and I) traded sitting outside with her until she calmed down enough to come back inside, still sleepy but not upset about it.

It was fun dressing her up in some green clothes (she doesn’t have very many). Her green pants are actually pretty huge on her but it worked and thanks to JG (my mom) she has a ready stock of hair bows in an array of colors at her disposal. My husband thought she looked like a little watermelon sporting the green and pink.

This weekend Ali is attending her first girl’s birthday party! She has already attended a little boy’s b-day party (she was the only girl there and she was only a month old at the time, not that three months is that much older!) and on Sunday she will be attending her first ladies social at church! (it’s a baby shower for one of the members). Its turning out to be a big weekend for our little family!

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