Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby Shower

The Nesting Boxes were a hit! Mommy-to-be loves them as did everyone else at the shower. Most of the women there had never seen or heard of nesting boxes and found them to be very charming.

Can you see my gift? (its the little box by the table leg)
New mommy got a lot of gifts, several of them handmade. We really have a great church full of talented individuals. The thing I like most about our church is its small enough that even if you don't know everyone's name you at least start to recognize them after a while. We have been going to our church for almost two years.

Mommy-to-be looking at the gift we got for her. She liked that they were blocks but didn't take up much space when stored as she and her husband live in a condo.

Overall Alison and I enjoyed her first Ladies Church Social. Here she is being held by one of the ladies:

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