Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Time with a Babysitter!

Alison did something today she has never done before! She went to someone else’s house to be baby sat (my mom baby sat Ali at our house when she was visiting). My friend Nurse-Mom wanted to do something nice for us in return for watching her son so she offered to baby sit Alison so we could have some Ali-free time.
My friend came over and picked Alison up around 1:30. I was prepared. I think maybe a little overly so.

Here is what I packed for Ali:

1. one warm blanket
2. one light blanket
3. talking bear
4. snuggle monkey
5. baby wash cloth
6. burp cloth
7. receiving blanket
8. lots of diapers and wipes
9. an extra outfit
10. pajamas
11. frozen and fresh milk (and two packets of formula in case she was really hungry)
12. Bumbo
13. Moses basket
14. IPod (with the baby App)

And I'm sure a few others things I forgot to mention. I loaded everything up in my car (the car seat uses a base that’s really hard to take out and install so I loaned my car to my friend as well, should I add that to my list??)

Alison was taking a nap when Nurse-Mom came to pick her up so we waited till she woke then loaded her and her diaper bag into the car.

I wasn’t nervous about Nurse-Mom watching Alison because well she is a neonatal nurse and knows everything about babies, being honest Alison is probably safer with her then she is with me so there was no worry about her safety but, I know this sounds silly, I didn't want Alison to feel like I was giving her away or abandoning her
When Nurse-Mom drove my car out of the garage and down the street I had the most unsettling urge to run after my car and tell her I changed my mind, Alison would be just fine staying at home, who needs alone time with their husband anyways?
I didn't run after the car but I did call my parents. Both of them. Of course being my parents they made me feel better, my mom assuring me that Alison wouldn't feel abandoned and my dad laughing and telling me the same thing.

What did I do with my new found freedom? When the hubs got home we went to Michaels to buy the decorations for the diaper cake and then to Babies'R'Us to get something off her registry (we had a hard time finding anything so we just bought some cute clothes!) Then we went on a date, the first one since my mom went back to Oklahoma over a month ago.

We went out to eat, TGI Fridays and then went home where Chris took a long nap and I worked on the diaper cake. I know we spend our freedom at home?! Yes we did and it was nice being able to decorate the diaper cake without having to take a break (putting together the cake I changed Alison's diaper, fed her, put her down for a nap and of course entertained her when she was awake, if you look back at the diaper cake pictures you can see when she went down for her nap via the empty Bumbo).
Even though it was nice to be able to go out to eat and being able to do something without having to take a baby break, I sure was happy when it was time to pick our little girl up!

We drove Nurse-Mom's car to her house and picked up Alison who was asleep (we picked her up at almost 8pm) and took our little girl home. And now she is asleep in her room, in her crib and will probably wake up sometime soon wanting to be fed by mommy and I'll thank my lucky stars that I have such a beautiful, wonderful little girl that God's entrusted me to take care of.

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  1. I knew she would be ok. She probably didn't miss you more than one minute then was so busy seeing a new world that she was busy. She learned more during that time than she would if she was home being fed, changed and entertained by you. I bet she was surprised when she woke up back in her own bed. She probably thought the whole experience was just a dream and was glad to wake back up at home.

    Love BoomPa