Monday, March 29, 2010

Look Who's Four!

It was four months ago today when my beautiful daughter made her debute!

Newborn Alison

I don't know it it feels like four months ago... sometimes it feels like yesterday and other times it feels like Alison has always been here.

One Month:
 Sportting her OU cheer outfit!

Two Months:

hangin' out in my kickin' coaster!

Three Months:

"I still don't like baths"

And Today Four Months!


Things Alison has accomplished her first 4 monthsn and a few things we've learned about her:

  1. captured the hearts of all her family!

  2. smiled

  3. giggled (only a little though)

  4. turned over from her back to her tummy

  5. turned over from her tummy to her back

  6. Slept for 8 hours stright!

  7. gained weight to now be the healthy weigh tof 14 lbs

  8. grabs things (especially mommy's hair!)

  9. coos, sometimes very loudly

  10. babbles (diffrent then the coo becuase it seems like she is actually trying to talk)

  11. can hold her head up with ease

  12. smiles when she sees someone walking towards her to pick her up.

  13. can hold onto the coffee table and balance herself standing up for about five seconds

  14. likes to be carried around and talked to

  15. has pooped on daddy 

  16. has spit up on almost everyone she meets

  17. snuggles her stuffed monkey with a two armed hug

  18. is fascinated with the camera/camcorder

  19. can kind of move herself around in her jumper (the thing that hooks to the door frame)

  20. can fit her entire fist in her mouth

  21. has dicovered its easier to just put one finger in her mouth then the whole fist

  22. has gone to two birthday parties, two baby showers, two potlucks, a bunch of church services, one trip to the hospital to welcome a new baby into the world, and one trip to the library where she was really good.

  23. decided she doesn't like pacifiers the day after daddy bought her 12 of them

  24. sucks her bottom lip

  25. can blow rasberries

  26. loves to be in her swing

  27. doen't like a bath but will tolerate it if you take one with her

  28. has tasted an apple slice that mommy let her suck on (with mommy holding the apple slice of course)

  29. like to watch the cats walk around but hasn't grabbed for them...yet...

  30. is her mommy's pride and joy as is obvious by anyone who knows me or reads this blog.
Good night baby Alison! Happy Four Months!

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  1. I have been a BoomPa for 4 months today!!! Yea... I want to babyset.