Thursday, March 18, 2010


Alison had her first trip to the library today. Lucky for us there is a branch library in walking distance of our house so I loaded Ali up in her stroller and we enjoyed some of the wonderful Southern California weather.

Here Alison is in front of some mystery novels. She was really good and kept pretty quiet the whole time. I think she enjoyed seeing all the books. We ended up checking out a first foods book that has a bunch of baby food recipes and talks about when you should introduce different foods. I thought I might get a leg up on the baby food thing as when the time comes we are planning on making our own. I also got an embroidery book that has instructions on how to do some really pretty flowers. I will write more about the books later after I have more time to look at them.

Here is Alison half dozing on the walk back home. She doesn't have any sun hats that fit (this one is for a six month old) but I figured wearing a hat that was too big was better then no hat at all, and it obviously really kept the sun out of her eyes!

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