Friday, March 19, 2010

Fantastically Fairy!

Today was a pretty busy day. Remember when I went to see Alice in Wonderland with some friends? Well I left my cell phone at the daddy dare care house and today I finally drove the twenty + minutes to get it back. It wasn't a bad thing though because I got to visit with one of my favorite girlfriends and get get lots of hugs from her adorable, super-blond little boy (maybe I should leave my phone more often!).

After that Alison and I visited the newly built 99-cent store close to where we live. I went there for some wrapping paper and a bow for the party tomorrow (I hate spending a lot of money on something that is just going to get torn up and thrown away and the dollar store always has pretty paper and bows) and ended up leaving with said items as well as a few other things including fuzzy bunny ears for Alison. I really love the 99 cent store, you can buy dumb stuff that you don't really need and some stuff you do need and not feel at all guilty about it.

I also finished making Alison's fairy costume! The birthday party tomorrow is a fairy theme. I finished the skirt last night so I was able to try it on Ali. Here she is with the skirt on as well as the bunny ears (I couldn't resist):
The ears have wire in them so they are posable (yea!). She is going to be the cutest bunny at church come Easter Sunday.

The fairy skirt is a no-sew tutu, I used the directions from this informative youtube video. I did however use a different material that has sparkles already in it. I used Fray Check on all the edges because this material, although really pretty and much softer then tulle, frays pretty easily. I used one yard of fabric spreading it out evenly along the ribbon and I think it makes it look more like a fairy skirt then a tutu since it has more room to hang. Also Alison is pretty small around the middle! I do wish I would have cut the edges into a point instead of leaving it squared, I think that would have made it look even more fairy-esk. 

The wings were sooo easy to make, it seriously took maybe 15 minutes. I didn't want to use wires on the wings because they are for a three month old who spends most of her time lying on her back or leaning against something. I used some plastic wrap, the kind you buy to wrap around a basket and then heat it up with a hairdryer; I bought an entire roll at Michaels for $5. I am sure you can use any kind of plastic wrap you want.

I drew one side of the wings freehanded with a permanent marker, a little bigger than the actual size you want so you can sew inside the lines that way you can cut the marker lines off when you're finished, I folded the 'paper' in half and traced what I had drawn for the other side of the wing so it would be even (like how we used to cut circles out in grade school). Then I put another piece of plastic on top the wings I had just drawn (for size reference) and drew a second set of smaller wings using the same method.

Using two sheets of plastic wrap for each set of wings I sewed just inside of the lines. After cutting out both sets of wings I sewed them together and crinkled them up to make them look more wing like and get rid of the static cling! Easy as pie (the frozen kind).  
Here my lovely cat Lucy demonstrates how even a cat can become a fairy with a nice set of wings!
I plan on hand sewing the wings to Alison's purple onsie (it's in the wash right now, spit up...) and voila my little princess will be transformed into an adorable fairy!

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