Wednesday, March 24, 2010

101 Simple Pleasures

I started to read an article, really a list, of simple pleasures posted on Yahoo news today. When I got to number thirty I thought I might try my hand at it. I stopped reading so I wouldn’t be too influenced by their list. Here goes:

1. Reading
2. Smell of a new book/bookstore
3. Baby smile

4. Hugs
5. Naps
6. Eating brownies while they are still warm
7. Side walk chalk
8. Finishing a project
9. Taking a hot bath without the baby waking up
10. Baby App, and other gizmo’s that make life easier
11. Orange juice
12. Embroidery
13. Quilting
14. Drawing
15. Hot tea (especially if you have tea cookies too!)
16. Clothes/towels straight from the dryer
17. Snuggling with my family

18. Church and church socials
19. Skype
20. Live music
21. French club
22. Cards sending and receiving
23. Scented oil (the kind you heat with a little candle and makes your room smell wonderful!)
24. Pretty clothes
25. Fresh nail polish
26. Fresh haircut
27. Massage from someone you love
28. When a cat sits in my lap without having to be bribed.
29. Clean house
30. Someone else’s cooking
31. The shelves my dad built in the garage
32. Listening to my mom talk to my daughter over the speaker phone (and my daughter baby talking back!)
33. The random notes, pictures and care packages from Grandma Brown
34. Looking at old pictures and love emails/ scrapbooking
35. Dressing my daughter up

36. Taking pictures of my daughter and husband
37. Balboa park & free organ concerts there
38. Going on walks in a park with family

39. Going to the beach
40. Dinner with friends
41. My husband’s cologne
42. Having someone brush my hair
43. Nice weather
44. Dancing
45. When my daughter finds something new (like her foot) or tries to talk.
46. Fuzzy socks
47. The hubs doing my laundry and folding it
48. Free internet radio
49. Blogging
50. Face book
51. Jewelry
52. Art (love looking at websites like the toymaker!)
53. Swimming
54. Play dough smell
55. Board/card games
56. Sales
57. Shopping (even if you don’t buy anything)
58. Looking at replicas and miniatures
59. Doll houses (can’t wait till Ali wants one!)
60. Fabric softener and dryer sheets
61. Flowers
62. Colored pens
63. Making lists
64. Boppy pillow

65. Looking at fabric (and feeling it) and patterns
66. Coupons
67. The way carpet feels and looks after you vacuum
68. Learning to do something new
69. Watching my husband play with Alison (especially when he does airplane with her and has her fly around the house)
70. When I get phone calls from friends/family for no reason other than they want to chat
71. The pride I feel for my family
72. Giving gifts
73. Being able to help someone
74. Singing
75. The warmth of the sun (with sunscreen!)
76. Holidays

77. Decorations for holidays
78. Living in a nice neighborhood
79. People doting over my baby
80. Alison falling asleep while I’m holding her
81. Being a mom
82. Feather pillow
83. Dreaming about the future
84. Bubbles
85. Watching Alison stare at herself in the mirror
86. Free healthcare (the military kind not the Obama kind)
87. Remembering your dream from the night before
88. The feeling of accomplishment you get after working out
89. Love
90. Donating stuff (both the feeling of de-cluttering and also the feeling of helping people out)
91. Being able to fix something
92. Silky pajamas
93. Being excited about something
94. Toys
95. Glider chair in my daughter’s bedroom

(my dad in glider chair)
96. Giving my cats treats
97. Giving my husband treats and writing notes to put in his lunch sack
98. Watching children walk home with their parents from school and knowing that I’ll get to do that with Ali someday
99. Fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans
100. Baby farts (they make me laugh)
101. Marshmallows

I just finished reading their list and I have to add old photo booths. I love those!! They have one at the photography museum in Balboa park, another thing I love museums.

What are your 'Simple Pleasures?'


  1. You must be busy this week. I love the list but have read it three times. I am looking forward to a new post. Don't forget it is Friday, no more work....... Hope to talk to you soon. BoomPa

  2. Four times I have read what you liked. I loved it the first time, liked it the second time, it was good the third time and this time it was ok. I hope you find time to update it so I will learn more about what you are doing. I love all of you...