Saturday, March 27, 2010


I always love being able to help someone and Thursday I was given the opportunity to help my friend Nurse Mom. Being a nurse she sometimes has to work long hours. Her husband is also a deployed Marine so she is playing single-mom for awhile.

Anyways she asked me if I would pick up her son from daycare and watch him for a few hours. Of course I was happy to but still a little nervous. It would be the first time I cared for my daughter and someone else's child at the same time. Her son is a very active 3 year old boy and boy did he wear me out! I thought having a baby was tiring! Imagine if we could replicate the energy of a toddler?? We would be the most productive people EVER.

Here is a picture of the sidewalk chalk art we did in the backyard: (sorry about the shadow!)
Nurse-mom's son really likes boats and pirate ships so I tried my hand at drawing a boat! I added some fish too!

The thing he had the most fun playing with though was my excersise ball (which is still sitting outside waiting to be washed off)

Our backyard is pretty typical for Southern California, small but thankfully its big enough to play kick ball with a 3 year old.

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  1. I bet you had fun. Did Alison get to draw on the sidewalk too. If so I didn't see her work. I'll bet it would be really artistic. She is just like her mother who is just like her mother. I hope to be able to read her blog someday.

    Maybe you should just do one blog each day instead of none for three days and then three in one day. I am now late for my appointed rounds. I love your blog.