Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Food!!

Wednesday April 28, 2010

Alison had her first food today! I was impressed that she just went for the spoon without me having to coax her or anything. She really just went for it! She had some Gerber Baby Rice cereal mixed with freshly pumped breast milk.

Yumm yumm! Thanks mommy!

This is good!

She really seemed to enjoy it and I am really looking forward to trying different foods with her. I hope she likes banana! We’ll find out! I am excited to find out what foods she likes and doesn’t like.

We also went to the pool again today but this time I had a bathing suit and was able to join Chris is some pool time fun!

Alison in her Pea-Pod being watched by Great Grandma

Alison loves her Pea Pod!
Chris and I had a lot of fun playing in the pool
Chris and I both love playing in the pool!

Going back to the Grandparents. Great Grandma likes pushing Alison around in her stroller.

getting ready for late lunch at the cafe

For lunch we met up with one of Grandma’s good friends. We had a wonderful lunch at the cafĂ© and Alison was surprised with a giraffe! She already had a teething giraffe and now she has a fuzzy stuffed one! It was a very nice gift and Alison really likes it.

Alison trying to figure out how to get the giraffe into her hand.

Ali knocked these over right after the picture trying to get at them.

Alison trying to hold Great Grandpa's hand.

Grandma took me on an adventure! She taught me a little about golf and I really liked it! I had so much fun playing golf with her (not an actual game just a lesson in how to hit the ball and a tour of the course). I did manage to hit a ball into one of the ponds though… but I had a few good shots as well. Golf is a lot harder than it looks and a lot more fun too! Grandma is a really great golfer; she was also very patient with me and my less then wonderful golf attempts! It was a really great time. I didn’t take any pictures although I wish I would have… oh well maybe next time.

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