Thursday, May 13, 2010

Movie and Sushi

Friday May 7th

We started today with a visit to Chris’ second cousin. He was very happy to meet Alison. She smiled and cooed the entire time! I love it when Alison is happy, when she is happy and smiling you can’t help but he happy yourself.

Chris and I left Alison with her Grandparents and went to meet up with our friend Kyle to see a movie! We saw Iron Man II, it was pretty good. I don’t think it was as good as the first one but it was worth seeing.

We were able to get lunch and do a little mother’s day shopping for Grammy while we were out. We got her a stepping stone kit so we could make a stepping stone with Alison’s feet and/or hands. We got some really pretty purple and silver glass stones to put in it. We are planning on making one for me sometime after we get back home. I really hope it turns out well.

This evening we met up with Aunt Jessica and her boyfriend. Grammy and Grandpa came as well and we all met up at a sushi place. Chris and I are big sushi fans, it just taste so good and is hopefully healthy.

Where are we goin daddy?

I took a picture of Grammy's roses, arn't they pretty?

Grammy pushing Ali into the sushi place

Aunt Jessica and her boyfriend Jason, they both really like little Ali and she seems to like them too!

Daddy teaching Ali bad (but oh so fun!) habbits, chopstick fight!

Jason was so cute with Alison, he is going to be such a great dad someday.

Mommy got to hold Ali a bit too!

Aunt Jessica loves her Alison!

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