Saturday, May 1, 2010

Alison's First Derby!

Saturday May 1, 2010

This morning Chris left to catch a plane to South Carolina to attend his best friend Evan’s wedding. Alison and I stayed behind in Kentucky, we both agreed that it would be better for Alison if she had more than one day to recuperate from plane travel.

Chris woke up very early this morning to catch his flight. Evan was getting married that evening so Chris opted to wear his suit on the plane so he wouldn’t have to worry about finding a place to change when he landed.

Alison was baby sat for the first time by her grandparents and I was taken out to breakfast by my sister-in-law Melissa and her boyfriend Tray. We went to Wild Eggs and it was really good! I know Chris will want to go there so I am looking forward to going again! (Chris loves his breakfast!)

After breakfast I came back to Grammy and Grandpa’s house and Alison, Grammy and I went to a Ladies Derby Party hosted by her daughter, Alison’s Aunt Jessica.

Aunt Jessica and Alison

Alison and I drew horse names to win the money pool and Alison got Sidney’s Candy, the horse that wore the pink uniform. He didn’t win but it was fun to cheer for Alison’s horse. It will be fun when she will be able to cheer for her horse herself. Alison was so good at the party; Grammy and I were both so proud of her.

I was able to try some Kentucky Derby party food favorites like Buckeye Balls (a peanut butter ball covered in chocolate) and Derby Pie (a pie that’s but of a mix of a bourbon ball, pecan pie, and a chocolate chip cookie) they were both really good. There were other items too of course but those were the festive treats.

Tomorrow morning Alison and I are planning on attending church with Grammy and Grandpa. I am looking forward to it. I enjoy church, I always feel refreshed, recharged and ready for a new week afterwards.

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