Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Day in Oklahoma!

Today was our first full day in Oklahoma! Alison and I woke up early to go with Boompa to visit Great-Grandma and Grandpa as well as the Great Aunts. They meet every morning for coffee and toast. They were very excited to meet Alison.

After visiting with the family Alison and I joined Boompa at work for about an hour. He showed off Alison to everyone there, I think he is a little proud of her.

JG, Justin, Boompa, Alison and I all went to the Skervin for lunch, it was really good. Justin loves that hotel, he is a big history person.

Alison played with her Uncle Justin and her Monkey while we ate

Great-Grandmother or Mo-mo meet up with is this evening and joined us for a trip to the dog park. Alison loved the dog park. She likes being outside and the dogs barking makes her laugh. She sat on Mo-mo's lap the whole time and was happy to be there. I think Chris and I, confirmed cat people, are in for a dog if Alison keeps up her doggie-love!

Mo-mo and Alison meet for the first time in front of Boompa's house!

Boompa and JG walking over a small bridge to get to the dog park

Mo-mo holding Alison at the park

Alison having fun, she giggled so much!

The dogs had fun too, here they are playing in the water
Boompa's dogs are really great. They behave really well and can do some tricks. They really love Boompa and don't like for him to be out of their sight when they are at the park.

Boompa and his dogs

Mo-mo, Mommy and Alison

"I think somethings up there!"
The girls when we came back form the dog park, in front of Boompa's house.

Here is what happened the past few days that I didn't blog (too busy!)

May 24, 2010

Daddy got Alison a 'Daddy Loves me' Book, Chris loves reading to Ali.

Playing with baby!

I made a happy birthday sign after Chris went to bed so he would be surprised when he woke up and walked down stairs.

May 25, 2010

The birthday daddy!
Getting ready to go to work

I made Chris special breakfast! I wish I would have had a birthday candle so I could have stuck it in the middle but the tea light worked too!

Chris at PB Bar and Grill for his birthday dinner! Taco Tuesday!

Alison having fun at daddy's birthday dinner!

May 26, 2010

Daddy saying good-bye to Alison at the airport, Ali doesn't seem to happy to be leaving her daddy.

Alison loved her daddy and he loves her

Flying by myself was pretty exhausting. I didn't take any pictures of the trip because I well, traveling with a baby by yourself is really hard!

but here we are after we landed!

JG was so happy to see Alison!

Boompa loves his Alison too! He was so happy to see her!

My brother Justin holding Alison for the first time! It was so great to be welcomed to Oklahoma by the smiling faces of my family after an exhausting day of traveling!

We went to visit my sister Sarah and Alison had so much fun meeting her cousins, she laughed a lot! I'll post pictures of that later, I'll have to get them from Boompa. But it was wonderful getting to see them all and her 3 kids have grown so much! They are all amazing and we were really happy to be there.

CLICK HERE to read more about being picked up at the airport, its a link to my father's blog and he wrote more details than me!

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