Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Walk in the Park!

Monday May 3, 2010
Today we (Grandpa, Grammy, Alison and I) went to Pap-pa’s house. Pap-pa is Sandy’s X-father-in-law whom she keeps in close contact with. He was happy to meet Alison and gave her an I a tour of his home showing us the pictures of his family.

On Our Way!

For lunch we all went to Frisch’s Big Boy! I have never been to a Big Boy (at least to me knowledge). I had a really great Club Melt with some onion rings, yumm!

Grandpa pushing Alison back and forth, he did this all during lunch and it made Alison very happy (and I think Grandpa a little happy too!)
After our visit with Pap-pa we went to Iroquois Park where there is a really nice walking trail. It was a pretty long walk and Gary and Sandy walk faster than my stroll but I really enjoyed being outside and getting to see some of the pretty natural Kentucky landscape.

Chris came back! He had a good time at the wedding. He said it was on a beach and that they went to a country club afterwards for the reception. From what we understand Evan and Jessica (the ones who got married) are planning on having another wedding. Maybe Alison and I will be able to attend that one! I am just glad Chris was able to attend one of them, Evan is his best friend and I know when I missed my best friend’s wedding I felt terrible about it. I’m not certain why they are going to have two weddings but I suppose there is nothing that says you can’t!

Alison is able to use her hands more to get things into her mouth!

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  1. I wish I was not tied up when you called at the airport but I had Stillwater Emergency Management people. Oklahoma had 7 people killed in yesterday's tornado and we are really busty with the cleanup efforts. I love your blog and glad it is still up and running.