Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Full Day in Kentucky

Friday April 30, 2010

Alison’s first full day in Kentucky (although yesterday was really a full day)! We thought about going to Oaks, the horse races that occur before Derby, but we decided that at 5 months old Alison was a little young and it would be more fun anyways to spend the day with Grandma, Grammy and GG Rooney.

Love at First Sight

GG and Me

"Look what I can do!"

We had a good time talking with GG and Alison was passed around like she always is!

Hanging out with Daddy

I love Grammy

Daddy was pretty tired

We spent quite some time at GG's house. We got to meet her cat Goober, a big orange cat, I didn't take a picture of him, he was a little skittish but still a sweet cat.

Mommy and Me

Alison and the Grandparents

Grabbing her toes!

Four Genreations.

We made a stop at one of Chris’ childhood friend’s parent’s house to introduce Alison. Chris' friend is about to graduate school and become a minister and is also about to get married, he was a really charming guy. Chris hadn’t seen his friend in about seven years and it was really fun for him to catch up.

When I went back to the car with Gary and Sandy letting Chris catch up for a bit with his friend we were greeted by a really pretty cat that had decided the bast place to sit was the very middle of the end of the drive way with his arms crossed. It looked so funny that I took a picture:

notice the crossed arms

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