Saturday, May 15, 2010


Alison yesterday figured out how to use her jumper! So of course mommy put her in her jumper again today! Alison liked her jumper before but now she really likes it and wants to be in it for twice as long (giving me plenty of oppertunities to take her picture!) Here she is today in her jumper.

Alison loves chewing on the pink bug doll (it plays music) and her cat! The cat has a jingle rattle inside that makes noise when she bounces and Ali really seems to like that.

I put a yellow outfir on Ali and a little handmade bonnet (one of Chris' work associated made it for her) I love the little bonnet! Home made stuff is the best!

Alison likes it too and of course she loves her daddy!

Chris and I were going to take Jessie and Ryan out for 'Dunch' a phrase they made up and we are completly on-board with. Dunch= the eating time between lunch and dinner ex. 4pm. We are all on the Dunch train because both babies (their son Grady and our little Alison) go to bed between 6 and 7pm making going out any later, well, not so fun. (think fussy tired baby)

Jessie, bless her heart, got sick and had to cancel. Hopefully we will be able to take them out next weekend.  

Chris and I were already excited for sushi though so we decided why not and went anyways. We went to our favorite place Hons (see my St. Patty's day entry, its the same place) and yes we got all you can eat sushi, it was fantastic as always. 

"Where are we going?"

I accidentally took this picture (thats why its a little sideways) but I think its cute with Alison looking up at her daddy. We like to bring the Bumbo along with us so Ali can sit at the table with us (she can't sit up by herself yet so a high chair is still out).

I love my little girl!

The only damper on going out was when Alison got hungry; I was finished eating and Chris was getting close to being done so Alison and I went out to the car so I could feed her with a little privacy. Thats not the sad bit, the sad part was in the parking lot next to Hon's there was a mentaly ill lady.

She didn't look homeless even though she had a little spot with blankets she created for herself in a corner of the parking lot (which was empty). I just felt so bad for her. I can't imagine what it would be like to see people who arn't there, I suppose it would be scary, I guess you would be really confused not knowing what was real and what wasn't. Chris and I left her a big bottle of water on the stone fence between the two parking lots. We didn't say anything to her but the parking lot was small and I am sure she found it. It really makes me wish our country could do more for those who live here who can't (not won't) take care of themselves.

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  1. Alison looks so happy. She seems to really be enjoying herself. Her smile is like a bad cold. It is catchy and I caught it. I smile everytime I see her. I announced in Sunday Class that Alison was coming for the holidays. The announcer asked what holidays and I started my routine of 'Take My Grandbaby to Work Day", Take My Grandaughter to the Park Day" and some more and the whole class laughed. They are all lookiing forward to seeing Alison and You too.