Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thunder, Turtle, Tuna

Monday April 26, 2010

Today was a really relaxed day. We decided to move out of the Lodge and into the Great-grandparents guest room. During the night there had been a Thunderstorm and it rained so much and so hard that we turned Alison’s white noise machine off and just enjoyed the natural rain sound. We were lucky that the thunder wasn’t loud enough to bother our little baby who slept like a rock.

I moved Alison to the middle of our bed. Even though the storm wasn’t too terrible and the lightning wasn’t close I didn’t feel comfortable letting her sleep under a window (and I like any excuse to let the baby sleep with us!)

Great Grandma came early to watch the baby while Chris and I went to beakfast. Ali woke up just in time for Grandma!

I spend most of the day with Great Grandpa at their apartment while Chris and Grandma went to Best Buy and to run a few more errands as well. Chris helped Grandma pick out a web cam so they can Skype with us whenever they want. They picked out a really nice one that can track your movements. We played with it for a while. Hopefully it will prove to be easy for them to use and they will be able to Skype with our dear little daughter!
Alison loves her Great Grandpa!

When Grandma came back she took Alison and I on another golf cart ride all over the campus. It was so much fun. I put Alison in her Bjorn and she just loves looking at all the wildlife, plants and animals. We stopped to take a picture with an enormous turtle!! I have never seen a turtle that big before out in the wild and Alison has never seen a turtle before ever!

Great Grandma had a good time driving us around!

The biggest turtle I've ever seen!

I forget the name of this tree but it had beautiful yellow petals all over it and it shed onto the ground and was just so lovely.

Here is the beautiful view from Great Grandma and Grandpa's apartment.

After we took a picture with the big guy he ran off, I was surprised at how fast he moved! If I had known how fast he actually was I might not have gotten as close to him as I did! I’m glad he stayed still while we took the picture!

Chris made some Seared Tuna for dinner and sweet talked his grandparents into trying it.

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