Thursday, May 13, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Thursday May 6, 2010

Today we visited Chris’ aunt and uncle Jer and Donna. It was a great visit that we weren’t sure would happen. The downpour of Kentucky rain made the area around their house flood. Luckily their house didn’t receive any water damage (although some of their neighbors were not as lucky) but the roads were making it impossible for anyone to drive in, in fact Chris’ aunt and uncle told us about people using flat bottom boats to visit neighbors.

Donna and Ali are happy to meet each other

Donna’s parents live on the same patch of property so it was a short walk across a field to visit them as well.

Ali meets Don.

Outside in her sunhat being loved on by Aunt Donna.

Getting sleepy...


We drove back to Louisville and Chris and I were able to take Alison to her first baseball game! Chris has talked about how much he enjoys going to the River Bats games, hanging out with friends and of course cheering for the home team!

Buying tickets to Ali's first game.

Meeting Jared

The game had already started when we got there

I love Alison's face in this one and Chris looks so handsome. I feel so blessed.

We were able to meet up with some of Chris’ friend at the game. It was their first time meeting Alison and luckily she was such a sweetie she won then over in an instant. There was another baby at the game who was a part of our group. He was 11 months old and walking around and trying very hard to talk. I can’t even think of Alison being that developed. Some days I want to keep her as a baby forever and other days I can’t wait till she is old enough for me to have a conversation with. I guess I am just trying to enjoy every minute as well as look forward to her future.

We didn’t stay for the entire game, and our home team lost… Alison isn’t used to staying up very late (in fact we try and put her to bed between 6 and 6:30) she also takes a lot of naps and while we are on vacation she doesn’t exactly have the most stable nap or sleep schedule.

We went back to Grammy and Grandpa's and they watched Alison for a while and we went out again to meet up with some of Chris' friends.

Chris likes to go to the same bar everytime we visit Kentucky (just for the record, we don't go to bars very often maybe once every few months for a wet down). He spent a lot of time there while his mother was in hospice I think in a way he feels close to her when he goes there. He really misses his mom and going home and her not being there is always hard for him.

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