Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visit with GG

May 4, 2010
Today we went up to visit GG again. She took us out for lunch at Claudia Sanders (Col. Sander’s wife), she opened a restaurant in Kentucky near her house. It was really good food and the company was pretty great too!

GG, Mommy and Alison

Someone offered to take our picture in front of the fireplace where there is a portrait painting of the Col. and his wife.

We spent a little time after lunch visiting with GG at her house. GG really loves Alison and told us that she wondered how she would feel about her since she is a great-grand-daughter, and she said she feels like she could just scoop her up and raise her like one of her own. I thought that was quite a compliment for Alison considering GG really enjoys her peace and tranquility.

Saying goodbye, we all had a really great time!

We received a visit from Alison’s Aunt Dawn! I am so glad Dawn was able to come over and meet Alison and also to get to know her a little better. I met her when Grandpa and Grammy were getting married but there was so much going on it was pretty brief.

Alison and her Aunt Dawn

Alison really likes her Aunt Dawn!
Dawn has a really great way with children, Alison is lucky to have such a nice and caring aunt.

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