Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear!

Chris had his work picnic today and came home so full all he wanted for dinner was a little bowl of cereal. He said there was a lot of really good food including ribs and Harry's famous pudding (Harry works closely with Chris and has become a friend of ours and his banana pudding is out of this world). Unfortunately family was not invited because the compound where Chris works is off limits to non-employees.

Alison and I had a normal day. I had the flax cereal this morning, it was really good! Normally I am not too fond of raisins but they were good in the cereal. I weeded a little more today, I think its going to take a really long time to get the whole thing weeded. I think I am going to try and get Chris to help me this weekend, he is a lot stronger than me and some of those weeds are really holding on! Any suggestions on making them easier to pull? (you can leave a comment by clicking on the comment button at the bottom and choose to be anonymous and just sign your name in your message)

We were also surprised by an Alison care package from Great Grandma today! It had some really cute clothes in it! Alison has been blessed with lots of clothes this month! Great Grandma took Alison shopping while we were in Florida and then Grammy and Grandpa took her shopping in Kentucky. Here are some pictures of Ali enjoying her care package and modeling her new bear sleeper outfit (look at the cute ears on the hat!)

I love my new clothes!

Cute as a button

I think the blue color really brings out her eyes

It's still a little big at the 9 month size but that just means she can wear it a lot longer!

Of course what's the best thing to do in a sleeper? What a little cutie, I slept with my rear in the air too when I was a little kid.

What a wonderful day. Chris said to Alison today while she was playing in her jumper "if you could talk I would want you to stay like this forever" Alison was smiling, laughing and jumping. She loves her daddy; she lights up and smiles real big when he comes home from work. I have to agree with Chris, I love our life right now, I love being a mom and wife, I love our extended family and friends, and of course I love our little Alison.

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  1. I know my heart, I know my mind, I know I do stick up behind. I used to say this poem to you all the time. I wish I could find my picture of you sleeping exactally the same way.