Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Day in Florida!

Saturday April 24, 2010

Our first full day in Naples Florida! Chris’ grandparents got us a room at the lodge, it was really nice. They had a pack and play crib set up and ready for our little girl’s first night away from home.

night night! (April 23)

Chris’ dad and step-mom came in the morning to watch Alison while we went to get some breakfast at the café. I think they are enjoying being new grandparents.

Grammy with her little Ali

We had a great day hanging out with grandparents and great-grandparents.

Chris’ grandparents live in a retirement community, Bentley Village. It’s a really nice place and there is so much to do. The weather was absolutely lovely and Chris and I walked around pushing Alison in her stroller. She seemed to enjoy the nice weather as well. We spent some great family time at one of the pools. We were lucky and there was hardly anyone there.

Grandpa and Alison

Meredith and Chris

Alison in her Pea Pod at the pool, Grandpa (who used to be a mail carrier) got Ali a onsie that said 'I look just like the mailman!'

Alison's first time dipping her feet into a pool!

Sunday April 25, 2010

Chris’ dad and step-mom left early and were gone by the time we woke up. Great-grandma came over to our room and watched Alison while we went to the Café for breakfast. (The café breakfast is really good!)

Great-grandma, Chris, Alison and I went to the Naples Botanical Garden. It was lovely! They have a children’s section with water features, a playhouse, a cave and all sorts of fun, bright plant themed activities.

Sleeping at the Botanical Garden

Of course I had to take a picture of Great Grandma next to the golf bag full of flowers!

Alison on one of the paths in the Childrens Garden

Also in the Children's Garden.

Alison and her daddy playing in a playhouse.

The playhouse with Great Grandma standing next to it and Chris and Alison on the porch.

There was a tree-house with stroller friendly bridges, here I am with Alison!

Someone was nice enough to offer to take a picture of all of us. We had a really great time.

We had a nice lunch at Olive Garden, they put us in an out of a way corner (sometimes having a baby is such a perk). Alison was good and made smile faces at our waitress. She did get a little crabby towards the end of our lunch. She fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep when we went to Beals. I needed to find a bathing suit! Great-grandma pushed Alison around in her stroller where she slept soundly for quite a while. Grandma said that when she woke up she baby-talked for the longest time. I am really glad Grandma was able to spend some alone quality time with Alison.

Alison had her first golf-cart ride around Bentley today! Daddy drove and Mommy wore Alison in the Bjorn. I forgot my camera for it… boo. Oh well Chris and Alison both had a wonderful time! I did too for that matter!

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