Thursday, May 13, 2010

Congratulations Jared!

Saturday May 8th
Today Chris and I went shopping! We got a cardigan for me to wear with my dress at our friend Jared’s law school graduation. I really like it with the flowers decorating it and the color is very pretty as well I think. It was a part of my mother’s day present; I also got some perfume I’ve been wanting as well!
Alison was good the entire time we were shopping.

We spent some time in the morning trying to get Alison to crawl, she didn't quite make it but she had a lot of fun!

Daddy trying to get her to crawl

We met up at Evan's parent's house before the graduation.

Alison spit up on Evan's nice jacket, oops!

He still loves his little God-Daughter!
The graduation was at 4:30pm in downtown Louisville at the Brown Theater. We sat in the balcony and had a very good view of everything that was going on. As far as ceremonies go it was a very nice one.

Law School Graduation
Alison sitting quitly in her seat holding Eli, her purple elephant.

Of course she didn't sit the entire time, mommy and Ali walked around for a bit too

The man of the hour, Jared! Congratulations!

Alison fell asleep in her stroller as we were leaving (of course) with her Sophie (teething toy) leg still in her mouth. She was exhausted and very adorable.

 It was fun watching Jared walk across the stage. He has been working so hard in law school that I was really glad Chris, Alison and I were able to attend his graduation and let him know how proud we are of him.

After the ceremony we went to the Makers Mark restaurant. It was a little expensive but the food was good. It was also a walk down the street from where the graduation ceremony was held and it was a really nice place for a celebration. Our table was kind of out of the way, a really good thing was considering the mock trails the boys were having.

Alison in a rare moment where she just wants to be cuddled (our non-stop moving baby doesn't normally take the time to cuddle) I think its obvious by the charmed look on my face that I was enjoying our little but of cuddle time.

Alison got a little fussy at dinner and daddy walked her around and mommy pushed her back and forth in the stroller but she was only fussy toward the end and then not for very long. We are so lucky at how well behaved Alison is. It’s really nice that we can take her out to a fancy dinner and not worry very much about if she will be ok.

Someday I am going to show Alison this picture. Chris walking around with her instead of hanging out with his friends. He loves his little girl so much, Alison and I are so lucky to have him.

Alison making friends

Chris went out for a night time celebration at some bars with his friends. I stayed with Alison and am going to fall asleep here pretty soon. I am exhausted! It was such a big day.

I am looking so forward to tomorrow! My first official mother’s day! Last mother’s day I was pregnant and we celebrated pre-mother’s day. I am so thankful to be a mom. I really love my little family.

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