Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is a two for one! Yesterday we went out to dinner with our friend Ritchie. He used to live here in San Diego when he was a Marine but moved to Texas when he got out. It was his 30th birthday, I am so glad we got to spend some time with him! Alison and I went back home and let daddy go out with Ritchie and another of our friends who flew into town. They went to the gas lamp and according to Chris had a really great time.

Ali and Ritchie

Alison was so cute at the restaurant. She was smiling and just being a little charmer. When she got sleepy and upset it was cute too because she was all pouty and rubbing her eyes. But then, I'm her mom and I think the sun shines out of her cute little tush.

Alison and I went straight home and she went straight to bed and I enjoyed a nice quiet evening watching Netflix online. I really like Netflix online; it makes watching movies so easy.

We got a new stroller! It’s actually a replacement stroller for the one that got smooshed by Southwest on the way home from Kentucky… Southwest is not responsible for any damage done to baby items… which stinks... Chris said we might be able to get a Bob Revolution stroller with some of our tax return money. The Bob is a really great stroller but its a bit more than $50.

Our old stroller... this bar isn't supposed to be bent : (
The new stroller is in the background (the Graco box)

Today we are just hanging out at home being pretty lazy actually. It’s still early so we might do something this evening but for now, relaxing sounds pretty darn good. In a few days Alison and I will be getting ready to visit Boompa and JG and on the 25th we will be celebrating Chris’ 27th birthday. He hasn’t decided what he wants to do yet but I’m sure we will think of something.

Yesterday (May 21) Ali at home in the morning

I think this picture is funny, I love Alison

I have no idea what she is looking at, but its a cute picture! I love Chris' face in this one, he is a really great dad.

hey mom!

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  1. Good thing you have those rose colored glasses. It makes everything look cute, funny, and wonderful. It also helps if you have a baby that is already that way. BoomPa. Looking forward to your trip.