Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Cruising, I have learned, is when a baby who can't walk on their own holds on to a person or object to walk. Alison is starting to stand on her own, she will pull herself up to a standing position using something or someone and then let go for a few seconds and stand all by herself before re-grabbing or falling on her cute diapered tush.

We have been practicing cruising so Alison will feel more confident when it comes time to take those very important first steps! She has mastered crawling and is already working on the next, or rather first, step!

Daddy is home from work and is happy to find Alison sporting her Cardinal's fan body suit!

Hey mom! Daddy is here!

Mommy put Alison on daddy's back! Her balance is getting really good! And she sure is having fun crawling on dad!

I can't believe how many teeth she has, another bottom tooth poked its way out!

Cruising towards mommy

One foot in front of the other!

This is fun!

Oops! Fall down!

But more importantly she got back up!

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