Thursday, September 16, 2010

Handsome Daddy

We moved the Pack and Play downstairs because of Alison's increased mobility and my need to occasionally leave the room to grab laundry or whatever. Anyways Alison seems to enjoy sleeping in it. Its very cute and I like that I can just walk up and see her sleeping. Unlike in her room where if I open her door she wakes up.

Alison sleeping soundly on the pretty rose blanket my grandma Edith made me when I was a pre-teen

Chris had a work function he had to go to where he didn't have to wear his uniform! He got dressed up so nice that when he got hom I made him pose for pictures with the cutest baby in the world!

My handsome husband and beautiful daughter

I am one blessed woman to have such a lovely little family

Tomorrow is the quilt show! It actually started today but Alison was pretty tired today so we will go tomorrow! I am so excited to see all the quilts and the vender displays. Its a quilt competition and there will be a bunch of really pretty quilts on display. I am trying to teach myself how to quilt... I have the top of the Winnie quilt (which is going to be for Evan Taylor and his beautiful wife Jessica when they have a baby, Evan is a BIG Winnie the Pooh fan) anyways I did some embroidery on the top of the quilt and really all I need to do now is buy the backing and quilt it....unfortunatly I might have to do it all by hand becuase my sewing machine, which is older than me, sewed its last line a few weeks ago.

 I made Chris some Camo Curtains to hang up in his office and my machine barely made it through the project. I want to save up and get a really nice machine, it will probably be a Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day and everything other holiday for the year gift but it will be so great to have a nice machine that works! I might not be the best at sewing but I still enjoy it.  

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