Monday, September 20, 2010

Alison Takes a Bottle!!!

Alison is picky, stubborn, very vocal and lets not forget cute as a button. She would NOT absolutly NOT take a bottle without a big to-do. Unfortunatly for her, the teething thing is kind of putting a damper on mommies willingness to breastfeed. Ali likes to bite, bless her little heart. I stopped breastfeeding her during the day and she was only getting food mixed with formula (since she wouldnt take it from the bottle) and drinks of water from a cup because she wouldnt drink formula from a cup either.

Today, she changed her mind and decided that a bottle and formula arn't that bad.

Here she is not only drinking from a bottle but holding it herself!
I know the pic is a little fuzzy... oh well
She drank the whole bottle!
Every last drop!

Happy girl
(later in the day)

What'cha' doing?
sleepy girl

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