Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mr. Tom is Home!

Alison and I had a nice quiet day at home. We made some brownies and put them in a tin with a thank you note for our next door neighbors for the gift card. I am planning on making another tin of brownies for our new neighbors across the street with a "welcome to the neighborhood" card. But maybe tomorrow...

I put some puffs (little snacks Ali likes) on the blanket so we could practice using our finger and thumb to pick things up

Alison was more interested at looking at herself in the mirror! She loves her friend!

Great Grandma and Grandpa love Alison! Here is her new care package, these are outfits for Hawaii. We are planning a family vacation (tagged onto one of Chris' work trips) there in December. Than you! The outfits are so cute!

This evening we went over to Tom and Tawny's house. Tom just came back form a deployment and we were really glad to see him. Alison has grown a lot since the last time he saw her! Here is Tawny playing with Alison, she really likes little Ali!

Alison enjoys playing with her snack canister.

Alison 'flying' white Caden laughs & wiggles on the floor!

Alison, for some reason, loves to be upside down. Here daddy is helping her achieve upsidedown-ness.

We had a great time. Alison loves their son he is so full of life and energy. Chris had fun playing with a soccer ball with him and Alison was so excited to watch. She squeeled and clapped and jumped. She thinks watching people kick a ball around is great fun.

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