Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dinner at Lex and Dave's

I think its super cute when I walk into Alison's room in the morning and she is happily standing up holding onto her crib railing. So much so when she did it this morning I ran and grabbed the camera :)
Unfortunately when I came back with the camera she wasn't too happy... apparently she didn't like me opening the door looking at her and running off to grab the camera, lol I still like the picture with her name in the background. You can easily read her face "Come get me already!"

I took some pictures with my phone but I think Chris updated the computer....anyways I couldn't figure out how to upload them....Sometimes I really wish things would just stay the same. Here is one picture I just copied it from my email so the quality is really poor. Alison is drinking a lactose based formula before we head out to go to Mrs. Lex's house. She is wearing her purple Batman shirt. Daddy loved that shirt so I always try and put it on her when I know he wants to show her off.

The dinner... I brought my camera and even put it in my pocket but Alison was not having it. She had kind of a hard day today. I think the teething really bothered her. She was really fussy and at the dinner she wouldn't let anyone, not even daddy, hold her. She wanted mommy the entire time so my hands were full. It might have been just too many people. There was another baby (3 months old) and another couple there as well.

I felt bad for little Ali. But she did get some home cooked beans! Alison really seems to like beans. Right now she isn't really a picky eater, thank goodness (I know I was) but I won't be surprised if that changes when she gets older. She liked them so much Mrs. Lex sent her some with a little container of left overs!

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