Sunday, September 19, 2010

AHOY! Is That a Baby Pirate?!

The outfit I put together for Alison, I think, turned out really cute. The skull has a little red bow just like Alison! I made the patch out of felt, hand sewed it together and then sewed it onto her shirt.

The party was for our friend's son who turned 4! He is a little ball of energy and I have wrote about him before. He is the one who took random pictures with my camera and his mom is a nurse and his dad recently came back form deployment. They are great friends of ours and Alison loves their son Caiden.

Where are the brown spots in this grass mommy?
The grass was really nice and soft and unlike our yard, no brown spots!

Mommy and Alison both wore skull and cross bone shirts.

Caiden seemed to like the gift we got him. He really enjoyed opening his gifts!
Daddy and Alison. You can't tell from this picture but daddy's shirt says 'navigating the world' and has a pirate like map on the back and a compass on the front. We thought it was pirate-ish

Chris, Alison and I were the only ones who wore pirate garb. We thought about getting Chris a pirate hat since his shirt was only a little pirate-ish but I am kind of glad we didn't, not that we mind being silly but there is a point where you've gone too far. Everyone really loved Alison's outfit and people I didn't even know took pictures of her. It made me really proud to have such a cute baby and of my little handy work on making her an outfit. I didn't take a picture of it (oops!) but I stitched a little heart on one of her sleeves to look like a little tattoo. We had so much fun, we are really blessed to have such great friends!