Friday, September 17, 2010

Recipe Book!

Today is a two entry day...I have to uoload the Quilt show pictures from my phone onto the computer.. there were some beautiful quilts. But I also got a cook book today I want to talk about!

I recenty ordered some books on Amazon. I got 'Stardust', Chris and I really like the movie and we both wanted to read the book and a cook book!! It really isn't a 'cook book' in that its blank. I thought I could put in recipes from family members and friends and recipes that I have done and like. My mom recently got her hands on her grandma's recipe book and she was so happy about it. I am going to ask my mom to send me some of the recipes or just copy some down the next time I visit. Maybe someday my grand daughter or son will be thrilled to have this recipe book.

I think it will be neat for Alison to be able to cook the exact recipes that her great great grandma cooked. So anyone out there with a special recipe please send it my way!! Please double check to make sure you have everything the right way! It would be super special if you wrote it out, if you can, and mailed it to me so its in your own hand.

It's a Cath Kidston book (I love Cath Kidston, her stuff is so pretty and hard to come by since its a British brand but luckily Amazon carries some of her stuff including the cook book!)

Here is is!
 (the brand sticker is on the plastic wrap and not on the book)

It's a 3 ring binder big enough to hold a normal page so if I want to print something and hole punch it it will fit perfectly! There are measurement conversions on the front cover and its just so bright and cheery! There are sleeves to hold magazine clippings or small recipe cards. I am excited to fill it up! Although I am sure that is going to take a long long time.

After I posted this I noticed how well it matches my blog wall paper :) well I guess I know what I like!

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