Monday, September 27, 2010

New Skirt and a New Place to Sit!

Chris and I went to Target recently to get Alison a bunch of baby stuff. She is growing and so we got her some 12 month size clothes, like this cute little skirt!

Alison eating a baby snack

Alison likes to take her bottle with her legs in the air

First time eating spaghetti! Wish I would have put more sauce on it!

Alison did this all by herself. She pulled enough toys out of her hat box to stand and then sit in it! (I have had the boxes, there are 2, for years! and they were sitting in the top of my closet just holding junk, they now have the more important job of holding Alison's toys!)

Trying to get comfortable

I like this!


Goofy little girl

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