Sunday, September 5, 2010

Alison going to Mrs. Kandy's house!

Alion leaning against the couch while mommy takes her picture, I think it looks like she is standing on her own, lol 
(you can see my hand on the right side ready to catch her)

Today we took Alison over to Mrs. Kandy's house to be baby sat! Mrs. Kandy is a really nice woman and happens to be the mother in law to my good friends Jessie and Ryan. They have a son a little younger than Alison.

Chris and I took advantage of the baby sitting by getting me some new shoes! We got a nice purple and white pair of Nike shoes so work out in. Then we got day passes at the gym by our house and worked out for at least an hour. It was fun working out with Chris and he showed em a bunch of different excersises. I was glad to have new shoes, Marty the cat had peed in most of my shoes when we went on our trip to Florida and Kentucky. I think he was angry at me. Anyways it was nice to have a pair of tennis shoes finally!

We picked Alison up around 7:30, she spent about 4 hours with Mrs. Kandy and apparently she was really good. I was so proud that Alison wasn't too much trouble because my little bundle of energy can be a handful!

Here are pictures we took after we got her home

Her soft basket with the handle that velcro's on and off
Chris said "you Boone-ed her!" Like Daniel Boone
"Is there something on my head?"

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