Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dinner at the Newlyweds

Yesterday's pillow fort was still up this morning and Alison took advantage of the nice soft spot to do a little relaxing.

"This is so comfortable, ahhh..."

Yesterday we made a trip to Target to get some baby food and whatnots. We got teething biscuits for Alison and she really seems to like them. They are whole wheat and organic. I took a little nibble of one and it tasted really good.

Alison eating her teething buiscut

Yumm Yumm!

We were invited by Sarah and Mike to have dinner at their house. We haven't seen them in a really long time. The last time I saw Sarah was my baby shower and the last time I saw Mike was when I was in the Navy. They were both on my ship with me and I have remained friends with them ever since.

They got married this year. For our hostess gift we brought them a bottle of wine called 'Monogamy'. Sarah and Mike made a really good dinner! We were treated to some smoked ribs, salads and cornbread, all sorts of yummy stuff. And the best part...Alison had a lot of fun there! She really liked Mike and Sarah (and their dog Wolfie)

Alison crawled over to mike and pulled herself up wanting his attention, she normally isn't so forward with strangers.

Alison squealing and Wolfie trying to figure out what's so exciting

Alison thought Sarah was really funny and she really enjoyed sitting in Mike's lap

When Alison is happy, you can't help but be happy too

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