Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Playtime and Parties!

This evening we went to Chris' work friends house for dinner. One of the contractors Chris works with was coming into town and everyone wanted to cook for him! We are having a dinner party at our house tomorrow. During the daytime though I was getting the house all pretty and clean and of course playing with Alison! She is the best baby a mom could ask for.

Alison is interested in outside. When she learns to walk we will have to get her some outside toys. the grass is pretty tall, Chris was going to mow the lawn today but our lawn mower wouldn't start. He thinks its the battery (our mower is electric and plugs in to get a charge)

Alison is getting too big for her baby toys but she sure loves them. She has this, the kickin' coaster and a baby swing. She is so heavy that the baby swing only works on the lowest setting. Thats ok though she likes the lights from the mobile best. The kickin' coaster vibrates and has music and lights too, she really likes playing on it.

Alison pulling a stacking ring off her stacking toy

"now what?"

Here is Alison and daddy at the dinner party. It was a really fun time and Alison was so good!

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