Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tooth Paste!

Alison, for the first time, got to use tooth paste! I have been brushing her gums/teeth for a long while now but I have always just used plain old water. Now that she has some teeth, I figured we would introduce some tooth paste, and if she gets used to brushing her teeth with tooth paste now then it won't be a big deal later.

I always brush her teeth first and then I let her do it herself while she watches me brush my teeth, She likes doing whatever mommy does. She likes drinking out of my glass, eating whatever I'm eating, going where ever I am going, she thinks I'm pretty interesting.

Alison brushing her own teeth after we brushed them with baby tooth paste

She actually does a pretty good job

Alison's tooth paste (or rather tooth and gum cleanser)

Alison got a gift card from our neighbors next door for her baby dedication. It was for Babys'R'Us so Alison and I made a shopping trip!

With the gidt card we got her some shoes and socks but mommy also found something else! An addidas outfit just like what daddy has!

Alison looking just like daddy! Chris said he would let me take pictures of them in their matching outfits some other time, so look forward to seeing those pics!

All my pictures turned out a little fuzzy, I think I am going to have to look into getting a better camera... eventually. This one still works! I love taking pictures so much and I have such a great subject to photograph! I think Alison looked so cute in the little track suit! and she seemed to like it!
Here are Alison's new shoes! She isn't too sure about shoes but I figure we better start putting them on her when we go out if we expect her to wear them when she starts walking!

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