Friday, September 17, 2010

Quilt Show

Ok... This is the quilt show entry! Its going to be picture heavy but there were so many beautiful quilts I couldn't pick!

We had a great time and Alison was coo-ed over by so many women she must have thought she was something really special (she is but I don't know if she knows that!)

About to get strapped in to go to the Quilt show with mommy!

I thought this was cute, a tie quilt make using her family members ties and their names next to their tie section.
This quilt was made using civil war reproduction fabrics
I thought this quilt was really pretty, it uses the wedding ring pattern in a non traditional way, there are two doves appliqued on each holding one end of a string and in the middle of the string are two gold wedding bands. It was really creative and very pretty.
Close up of one of the doves

I liked this one because of all the needlework! Its a cross stitched alphabet quilt!
Every letter was really cute but of course I liked the "M" square featuring a mermaid

I liked the colors of this quilt and I really liked that the woman who made this used the outlines of her grand children's hands and made appliques with them. you can see one set under the big heart and another in the top left corner. I saw two quilts made by grandmas who did this.
I couldn't believe all the detail in this quilt. It was so neat.
here is a close up
I took several pictures of this and none of them came out very well, probably because I was also holding a squirmy Alison, lol. Hopefully you can see that its supposed to be Alice in Wonderland. There is Alice, the Caterpillar and the cat.
I thought this was pretty, its a little lap quilt.
I really liked the quilts with color in them, they make me feel happy!
here is a close up of one of the squares, a bunny holding a carrot.
Alison after eating her lunch. She had some yogurt and snacks. She was a very good girl the entire time we were there.
This quilt reminded me of our friends Mr. and Mrs. M in Kentucky. Mrs. M had a lot of dachshunds around her house.
I thought this one was cute with the monkeys, of course I had to try and get Alison, my little monkey, in the picture!
Wow. I wish I would have taken a close up of this quilt. It is amazing. Some people are so very talented.
I really liked this quilt, it was a smaller one but I think all deep colors and the little details make it so beautiful.
12 days of Christmas. There was a whole section of Christmas quilts. This one was my favorite holiday one.
Thats a lot of yo-yos! I like the different shades of pink
Here is a close up of those yo-yos
This was my favorite quilt. It was so detailed and colorful. Absolutly besutiful. It is a bunch of woodland creatures and I can't believe someone made this. I really liked this quilt.
Here is a close up. It was all applique. It was so pretty.

I had a lot of fun looking at all the fabrics that were being sold and I even had a sewing machine demonstration. I have to say I looked at a really nice machine that did 40 different stitches , it was a really nice machine (made by brother) I learned that sewing machines are really expensive (thanks for giving me your old machine mom!) and also that I might want a little nicer of a machine then just the basic. I don't know I guess Chris and I will have to come up with a budget and see where that gets us. The guy who gave me the demonstration (I told him I wanted to see the best inexpensive machine, which of course was still expensive) was really knowledgeable about the machines and he told me that they have a 25 year warranty!.... I have never heard of anything having a warranty that long! Alison will be moved out of the house before it falls out of warranty. Anyways I need, well want since sewing is a hobby, a new sewing machine since mine died. I think when it comes time to get one I am going to visit every dealership and find the very best machine. because apparently you keep a sewing machine longer than a car! lol. I think it will be fun to see all the machines and see what they can do. For instance did you know that machines don't need a peddle foot anymore? you can run them with the push of a button! amazing.

I tell you what seeing all those quilts and testing out that was really fun and I am so glad I enjoy things like that. I wish I would have been in Oklahoma or Florida so I could have dragged certain family members who like sewing along with me to ooh at the quilts!

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