Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Walk to the Store

Alison in her stroller as we set out for our walk.

Today was such a pretty day I decided that Alison and I would walk to the grocerie store. One thing I like about my new phone is that I am able to stream music from it so Alison and I got to listen to music on our way. Alison really likes going on walks, there is so much to look at!

Looking around in the grocerie store.

I wanted to make some homemade tomato sauce so we only needed to get a few items. Daddy had already bought the tomatoes from Costco we just needed to get things like fresh basil, bay leaves, and garlic. We also got a big fresh loaf of french bread.

Alison loves shopping

We stopped by some pretty flowers on the way home so I could take Alison's picture with them.

Once we got home I started working on the tomato sauce. We bought as much organic product as we could find so hopefully the homemade sauce not only taste better is better for you.

Here ar all the ingredients ready to go! I like to get everything ready before I start cooking. The tomatoes had to be peeled and de-seeded, the basil had to be cut up as well as the garlic and onion.
It took 4 hours to cook and when it was done I stored it and put it in the fridge so we can have it for dinner tomorrow.

Alison played in the family room while mommy cooked
She seemed to be having a lot of fun.

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