Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yesterdays shots made both of us not feel so hot. Alison was extra cranky and my arms were a bit sore and I was pretty tired.

I did make Alison some carrot baby food! It is the first time I made her a vegetable homemade baby food. I steamed some organic baby carrots, put them in my baby food processor and added some milk! Alison wasn't too thrilled with them, but she didn't hate them either! First time eating carrots.


Alison grabbing the spoon

Daddy said he wouldn't like milk mixed with carrots either!

Chris prepared for another work trip this time to Rhode Island. Alison helped

"can I go daddy?"

We went to our good friends house for a cook out. She has a three year old son who is a cutie and a bit mischievous. I complained that I forgot to take pictures when we were about to leave and took a quick one of our hostess but when I loaded the pictures onto my computer, well it would appear that a little boy got my camera out of my diaper bag and took some pictues! I laughed so hard when I figured out what must have happened! Here are a few as well as the one I took.
I think I see the reflection of a little boy
My friend Tawny

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