Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chris' Big Day

Today I got a good shot of Alison smiling AND you can see her little tooth! Chris also got a package in the mail today. Its his everything present: birthday, Valentines, anniversary, ect... don't worry though he won't be getting nothing on thos holidays but this is his big gift! He has been wanting to build a super computer for a very long time. I have been making him wait because we had other things that needed to be done first, like my big present for the year, paying off my car loan!

click on the image and you just might see a tooth!

I decided that since it was a present I couldn't not wrap it! Chris was really surprised and I think happy to see that I tried to make getting his dream computer a special occasion.

Taking ti downstairs to open it up. He was rally excited to get started!

Working on the computer. He took over my dining room table, I told him he can use it for a week than he has to move it up to the office.
One more picture of Alison just because she is so cute!

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