Friday, July 16, 2010


Emily and I stayed at home today. It was a really hot day, even with the AC on it was a bit warm. We played with Alison, drank tea and I showed Emily how to embroider. I have found that only a few people want to actually embroider or do any kind of sewing/needle-work, oddly enough the people who enjoy these activities have all been from my home town. I have known Emily since the 3rd grade. My sister Sarah also enjoys needlework.

Emily drinking tea. I drink a lot of tea about a pot a day. I like hot tea, it can be the middle of sumemr and I still enjoy my pot of tea.

Alison trying to eat her bunny, it smells like chocolate.

Alison about to go to bed, she was really happy. This face says 'you just think I'm going to sleep!'

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  1. It is hot in Oklahoma too. I went outside for about 5 minutes and it was too hot to stay out any longer. The AC in our house doesn't work any more so we just sit under a fan with some windows open. It feels ok once you get used to it.