Monday, July 26, 2010


I had no idea how happy I would be at Alison getting a tooth. Let me tell you I was happy. Its just the cutest little thing poking out of her gums! I thought I would miss her gummy smile but this new 'getting some teeth' smile is pretty great.
It is surprisingly hard to get a picture of a tooth, here is the only one I managed to get! You can see it on the bottom gum, barely visible, it just broke free today!

Alison making a funny face. I put oil on her face and it got in her hair, so I gave her a little baby mohawk, poor Alison.

trying to get a good shot of her tooth

Happy baby!

When I found out that she had a tooth, we've been looking for one for awhile now, I started telling her I was so proud of ehr and making all these noises. I don't think Alison was sure what was going on but she liked it. I am proud of little Alison, she has a lot more teeth to get through. Hopefully it won't be too painful. Bless her little heart!
Chris mowed the lawn today, what a great dad! Working hard to make our house look pretty.

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