Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday Funday

Alison and I went to church this morning but we didn't quite make it through the service and mommy decided that even though she was looking forward to the baby shower, she probably wouldn't enjoy it knowing Alison would rather be home sleeping (fussy baby = no fun). Chris stayed home and caught up on some work stuff.

Alison in her car seat packed with the baby shower gifts. I got some nice fluffy hooded baby bath towels. They were blue with fish on them. All the ladies being honored at the shower were having boys.

After we got home Alison and I both took a much needed nap, she wore me out! Chris went to his haircut and then around 3 our friends Ben and Monica along with their two kids came over. I didn't take too many pictures (my camera died) but I did snap a few of Alison with their little girl. Alison was very interested in her and kept gently grabbing her arm and hand. I guess babies just like to hold hands with each other! Alison loved to hold hands with Grady too.

Alison sharing her playmat with her little girl friend

They were very interested in each other!

We had a nice dinner together. Our friends hadn't been to our house in a long time and they liked how I had rearranged my downstairs. I like it too, it gives Alison and I more room to play!

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