Friday, July 30, 2010

A Package? For Me? Yea!

Today we recieved a very special package in the mail! Great Grandma Carolyn and Great Grandpa Frank sent us a care package!
What is this?

I like these!

Mommy got two figurines of great grandma's that she really liked along with a very nice note!
Thank you grandma! She also sent me a water bottle, I guess she noticed I didn't have one, lol. Chris actually bought me one at Target and it looked good until I put water in it, yea it leaked... So thank you for the water bottle too!

Lucy enjoyed the care packahe too!

Alison was very interested in the buble wrap, mommy showed her how it can make noise.

Alison is still teething. you can see her bottom two teeth in this picture. Her upper gum has a purple-ish bruise like bit that makes me think we will be having an upper tooth soon!

Alison is one smart baby! She knows that colors look different but she wanted to find out if they tasted different!

nope taste the same!

I'm having a pretty good day

"Its all OK"

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  1. I can see her teeth in the last picture really good. They arn't very long and I don't think she can eat steak yet but soom they will be big enough. Thank you for making another post.