Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting Rid of the Guestbed

I explained yesterday that we were giving our guestbed away and I mentioned that we were thinking about turning the guest bedroom into an office. Allow me to go into more detail. If you haven't noticed from the blog, Alison and I spend A LOT of time in the family room, much more time in there than I thought we would. It really was a blessing that God put that twinkle of an idea in my mind.

Anyways, I thought the family room would be good as a family room/office/craft space. Since we have been using the family room, we have both decided that having sewing and craft stuff out as well as computer stuff out in an area that Alison will be spending a lot of playtime in, isnt the best idea (and also it just looks too crowded in there!). So we are making the family room just a family room and turning the guest bedroom into an office craft area. We do plan on getting a pull out couch for company though, so don't worry anyone you will still have a nice place to sleep!

Our friends Monica and Ben came over, beer in tow, with their two kids. I made a late breakfast of pancakes, turky bacon and eggs so no one would be working on an empty stomach! And the boys got to work as Monica and I watched the kids. The boys got everything moved pretty fast and before we knew it we were saying goodbye to our friends and also the first bed that Chris and I ever bought.

I didn't take any pictures, things were too busy, while they were here but later I did take some pictures of Alison and I and managed to talk Chris into taking one too!

Alison is looking at daddy who is making funny faces at her trying to get her to smile

He is doing a good job

Daddy took one of mommy and Alison

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